Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wedding Anniversary Cake and Cupcakes With Cream Cheese & Choc Topping

Good day people ! I am pretty occupied with my "other" work. Nevertheless, i don't want to disappoint those who always drop by my blog to have a peek at what's new. So, just to share some orders last week. The cake was ordered by the first time customer Faezah from Kajang for her brother 3rd wedding anniversary. She requested a 4kg choc moist cake with black and white theme. This cake took me 3 hours to decorate, and at the end of the deco process, i can hardly squeeze my hands. However, it all paid off, and i am happy to receive her feedback on the cake. Thanks fiza, and cepat2 lah bertunang...ehehh
bagusla..fza suka..nnt papehal fza tmpah kat akak la..tapi kompem hari tunang fza order kat akak,...

This set of cupcake was ordered by repeat customer (3rd order). She wanted a mixture of cream cheese and choc ganache frosting. Thanks Fifi and next time order lagi...:)

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