Thursday, May 21, 2009

Teacher's Day Cuppies

It is not too late to thank all teachers for their kindness and deeds to all of us. I remember having a teacher who had been a teacher for God knows how long that he taught both my mother and myself. Yes, teaching is one kind of profession that your title will last forever. Even my kindergarden teacher, i still call her cikgu until today. So, there are few orders comin in for teaschers day. Few i did not manage to take photos because of last minute orders. Even for my own children, Ira and Kimi, i forgot to snap the cuppies pictures. They both had two sets, one for Sekolah Kebangsaan and another set for Sekolah Agama. So the only available pictures are order from Kak Nida for her boy (teachers day plus farewell, she'll be heading to Saudi soon), and another one from Hidayah to her lecturers in UKM. I was rushing that morning to deliver the set to UKM (Food Sciece) and forgot few dont's in taking pictures, so end up with not so pretty picture. :(

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