Monday, May 18, 2009

Sarawak layer cake and roll class

Assalamualaikum. I i wish i could update this blog everyday, but i am still not equipped with ample skills to do so (such as photo shoot and photo editing), and have to wait till my other half is not busy and most importantly in a very decent mood to help me in photo editing and uploading. This class for example was conducted when he was not around, and with zero knowledge in photo shooting, i shot few pictures.

The result....the pictures speak for themselves...Anyway, the class was held last week, and this time Yeen was accompanied by Shikin from Nilai. Both refused for their pictures to be taken.. :). The hands on class started at 1030 a.m. and finished at 5 pm. Both were exhausted at the end of their class. Eventough they both have no skill in sarawak layer cake baking technique, they manage to master the skill very fast. So, this coming raya, both can start taking orders.....

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