Sunday, May 03, 2009

Cupcakes - New Version

Cupcakes with cream cheese topping

Cupcakes with chocolate ganache topping
Assalamualaikum...Just had a short trip to Fine City. Tired but it was a fun trip. Thanks to my old buddy Ecah who had been our tourist guide, and had been constantly reminding us that we are there at the wrong time since the great singapore sale has not started. So, what i did was just staring at the Takashimaya windows, looking at the branded goods (LV, Guess, Coach name a few..) and wishing their have this 50% sale at the display. Before i left for spore, i manage to fulfill few orders, this set of cupcake was requested for their lovely daughter who turned 17 this year. She wanted a simple not so colourful design, and the yummy part is the topping, Choc Ganache and Cream Cheese frosting. So, enjoy this 40 pieces of cupcakes which she had shared with her other classmates....

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