Thursday, July 09, 2009

Girlie Theme Fondant Cupcakes

Girlie Theme Fondant Cupcakes
hrmm..errr...iskkk...i cannot think of decent words to describe this order from Nana for her darling sister ETI on her 18th birthday. Fully fondant, girlie and sexy theme, ;) . I was having lots of fun (and laugh) especially doing the lips and the boobs..eheh.. The pink lips in particular if you notice, very much represents sexy Angelina Jolie lips.

The cupcake set was supposed to be picked up from my house on Saturday evening but due to unplanned event, she wanted the set on Friday evening. So, i have to rush and some of the design which i planned earlier could not be included in this set. However, i was glad that her sister luv the cupcake set.

Last but not least, credit goes to kak Jun from Cupcake kekasih, and Anor from My Cupcakes for some ideas were come from their previous works. Thank you Nana for your order...


amaLina zainaL said...

alarh rugi nye..what design hv u planned b4?hmm tularh tu..suddenly die msg "dis week jd balik umah kot kakyang" dgn berat hati trpaksa nyusahkn kakak..sorry~ syg xde twilight nye simbol..but its ok;)next time bley buat lg kn..haha..she love it!love to see her smile..yippi!!once a year kn..n thx 4 da cuppies~!cute!cute!cute sgt!nk mkn pun syg..mkn cake je tp heels nana simpan..haha..nnt nk blaja!!*if fees for da classes xmhl n if free..hee~* haha thx kak;)

Mohd AliFF said...

lek r wei


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