Sunday, July 05, 2009

Birthday Cake & Cupcakes Class

Last two weeks i received a phone call from Puan Faizah asking for a clown birthday cake for his son's birthday, Nadim. Another new exciting task, so i said yes and trying new design is something challenging yet rewarding at the end of the task. As i browsed through few references, i found an interesting clown design by Wilton using fondant. Last Friday I baked about 2kg++ chocolate moist cake and when it comes to childrens birthday cake, i love to apply cheerful and bright colours as it suits the birthday event well. 930 at night, Puan Faizah came with her two boys (Nadim and his brother) to pick up the cake. They both love the cake so much that the brother wanted Nadim to split the cake into half as he want to bring the cake to his school. Well, i guess he just have to wait for his own birthday. Thanks Mom and Happy Birthday Nadim....

Last Saturday, i had a very special request from a friend's of friend (yeen's friendlah..hehe). Due to Sue hectic schedule as she mentioned in the phone, she couldn't attend my few classes before. Since she found out that she will be free that Saturday, she decided to take a private cupcake and wedding cake class. Not to disappoint her spirit to learn, i said ok and the class started at 930 a.m. She came all the way from Subang that morning and it was to my suprise to find out that Sue actually fly an, i was about to teach a pilot how to decorate cupcakes....interesting....And what more suprising (and frustrating) was half way during the class she got a call requesting her to fly to Kuching in two hours time. So, she had 4 more cupcakes and 1 wedding cake to decorate. half heartedly she finished her 6th cupcake deco and we have no choice but to end the class. Sue, till your next cake deco class, keep in touch and happy flying.... :)

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