Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday Cake

Fatin Shuhada 13th birthday cake - pink, white and black theme.

Assalamualaikum...let's take a break for a while from cupcakes and cupcakes decoration..thus for this entry i am putting in two birthday cakes for your view. This 13th birthday cake was a special request for Fatin Shuhada birthday. The cake is a hefty 4kg cake and since her mother wanted a funky theme for her teenage daughter, i think music and radio (or cd player) suit the theme. Initially the radio was placed on figure 1 cake, but later on i found out that this cake has to travel all the way to somewhere in Perak, so, to make sure the decoration last till its end destination, i have to remove the radio in between of figure 1 and 3. not so happy about it, but that's the only choice i have in order not to ruin the cake.. Happy birthday Shuhada...

Birthday cake with flowers theme

Happy Birthday Mok-Mok...what an unusual nama, but i believe this is not her real name. Last week Mok-Mok's friends from UKM came to my house to order this cake for her 19th birthday. She must be a very special person and they planned a suprise birthday event for her. So, i chose a flower theme for her and i hope all the best for MOk-Mok and her friends in UKM.

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