Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Order

Birthday Cake
This birthday cake was ordered by someone whom I had and have been grateful to. He had given me the opportunity (with God willing) back during my old school time to pursue my study oversea. This cake is for her two lovely daughters for their birthday. I have always wanted to write a nice and meaningful message on cake, and i did that on this one. It took me quite sometime to finish the writing on the fondant since I have a Grade C handwriting. :). Taking order from someone you know and respect a lot is quite nervebreaking (not to say that i don't take others order seriously), and u can't wait to get their feedback. So that night i kept checking on my sms and as soon as i saw sms from his wife, i hold my breath and slowly word by word reading the sms.
"kek kitak dah dimakan, nyaman alu, coklat ktk very moist, thanks a lot, may Allah bless u always"
Translated to
"We have eaten the cake, its delicous and the chocolate is very moist........"
Thanks God, they like the cake. Ye, forget to mention the no 1 selling cheese cake. This week i had 4 of these ordered by regular customers, and for those who are in Bandar Baru Bangi, very soon you can get this cake from Restoran Berlauk in Section 7 (the new shoplots), the owner wants me to sell this cake by slice . I have intend to send this cake to her shop since last week, but have been booked by other existing orders.

Cheese Cake

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