Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Cupcakes & Novelty Cake Class on 4th April 2009

Novelty Cake Class

Cupcakes Class
This was a last minute request class. It was not in the schedule earlier due to my commitment in Kuching a week before. But since kak Ijan wanted to learn both cupcakes and novelty cake, so i don't want to disappoint her desire and spirit. Kak Ijan is a friendly person but a bit shy to be photographed :) ...Luckily Mai was interested to join at the very last minute, so kak ijan got her company..(tak lah boring sgt ek..)..Well, full snap of cupcakes my hubby haven't manage to upload yet...To Mai and Kak Ijan rajin2 lah practise lepas ni yer....;)


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