Friday, April 17, 2009

Cupcakes oh cupcakes!

Last week and this week we had relatives from Kuching in our house. Had been busy bringing them around , for sightseeing and shopping. I manage to prepare some cupcakes for my sister in law in Kuching (hope she is getting better very soon). And i hope the cupcakes are still in good condition once they arrive Kuching (long journey).

These are the collections of cupcakes which have been kept for a while (more than a week) in my PC due to slow internet connection at home. The birthday cupcake with candle (long description..hehe) was requested by a friend of mine for her 30th birthday. The design was adapted from cupcake design website from (outside Malaysia but can't remember the site, my apology). Until today she kept the one with the candle , wonder how she preserve it.

Last but not least, a birthday cake ordered by Intan from Nilai for her 28th birthday (sori akak bagi lilin 25 tahun, tersilap , takpe awet muda :) . Choc cake with buttercream and fondant deco.

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