Friday, July 31, 2009

Photo Cuppies - Ben10 Alien Force

Alien Force Edible image Cupcakes
Ben 10 Alien Force Cupcakes with Chocolate ganache topping

Ben10 Alien Force cupcakes with Buttercram topping

Salam to all viewers. Lately i have been busy with family matters as well as preparation for mini carnival last week. Luckily my husband still have time to upload few pictures for your view. This set of cuppies about 80) was an order from my senior back in Loughborough, Kak Emalin. I haven't seen her for more than 10 years and she is still as sweet as ever, and looking radiant in her trimester pregnancy.This set she ordered for her son birthday, Aiman. Thank you Kak Emalin and do let me know when the baby boy arrive.. :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Endless Love Cuppies

This set of romantic cupcakes was ordered by Puan Aida as a suprise gift for her husband Encik Anuar. She wanted a romantic and endless love theme to celebrate their anniversary. His husband was suprised when he received the cupcakes and i was so glad that Puan Aida sms me later that her husband likes it very much. Thank you Puan Aida for the second order..till ur third order and i will post the list of kek lapis sarawak for tempahan raya 2009 this weekend. Tq.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday Cake

Fatin Shuhada 13th birthday cake - pink, white and black theme.

Assalamualaikum...let's take a break for a while from cupcakes and cupcakes decoration..thus for this entry i am putting in two birthday cakes for your view. This 13th birthday cake was a special request for Fatin Shuhada birthday. The cake is a hefty 4kg cake and since her mother wanted a funky theme for her teenage daughter, i think music and radio (or cd player) suit the theme. Initially the radio was placed on figure 1 cake, but later on i found out that this cake has to travel all the way to somewhere in Perak, so, to make sure the decoration last till its end destination, i have to remove the radio in between of figure 1 and 3. not so happy about it, but that's the only choice i have in order not to ruin the cake.. Happy birthday Shuhada...

Birthday cake with flowers theme

Happy Birthday Mok-Mok...what an unusual nama, but i believe this is not her real name. Last week Mok-Mok's friends from UKM came to my house to order this cake for her 19th birthday. She must be a very special person and they planned a suprise birthday event for her. So, i chose a flower theme for her and i hope all the best for MOk-Mok and her friends in UKM.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Order from Bintulu

Buttercream and fondant topping cupcakes for Tambi and Combi birthday

Assalamualaikum...this entry is dedicated especially for Puan Norjanah Abdullah from Bintulu Sarawak. She requested this set of cupcake for her son and daughter (to be..ehhe, correct me if i am wrong) who are currently in IIU, Gombak. Both have their birthday fall on the same day. So, i met them at Midvalley recently to deliver their cupcakes, where they intended to celebrate their birthday at the same time. Thanks Puan Nor and all the best to Tambi (Aizudin) and Combi (Nuraisyah).

Saturday, July 25, 2009

and again....

Cupcake set of 25 - mixture of buttercream cupcakes and chocolate ganache cupcakes.

Butterfly deco using buttercream.

Chocolate Ganache Topping

Salam to all fellow readers...This week i was heavily occupied by cupakes orders, so my intention to put up the promotion for kek lapis sarawak was delayed. I am working on the flyers/list of kek lapis sarawak and the price for this coming hari raya. So, back to this cupcakes entry, this is a second order from (OMG, i cannot recall her name),, thousands apolologies..but someone from my neighbourhood, her first order was kek lapis sarawak roll . This is also for makan2 event. If she read this please forgive me for being so forgetful and thanks for the order.....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's cupcake again

Cupcake ungu dengan hiasan bunga
Good day people! Well, in spite of the gloomy weather due to haze, i am trying my very best to make sure my cuppies brightens up the day for those who ordered their set. Last week, i had this special set ordered by Salmiah from Putrajaya with lots and lots of names requested on the cupcakes. So, i left with less than half of the set to be decorated. She did not have any particular theme in mind and i think purple with heart and flower theme does represents the love from the whole family to Mama Mas. Thank you Salmiah and your one big happy family for the order.

Buttercream cupcakes

Puan Aida had emailed me several times before she finally decided to try out my cupcakes. She requested choc moist cupcakes with fresh cream and buttercream topping. Just for makan-makan event and i chose simple decoration with light blue theme to suit their makan2 event on the saturday afternoon. This week she requested a set of cuppies for her anniversary with endless love and one sweet day theme. I like .... ;) .

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Birthday Celebration At The Office

This set of cupcakes, half fresh cream and half buttercream for Kartini and her officemate. No specific theme, just for their office birthday celebration. This time around i used my old digital camera and i forgot to set the date..

Kek Coklat / Choc moist cake

This set of cake and cupcakes were second order from Kartini. Their office were having birthday celebration for seven of their staffs. Choc moist cake, with choc ganache filling and topping, very rich and heavenly tasty..ehheh..and i am glad to have another comment from Kartini.. salam sis...just wanna say tQ s0 much f0r the 2nd superb yummy cuppies n cake!it was s0 nice n sedap..tQ agaiN..=) . Thank you Kartini till ur nx order... :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cupcakes class on 4th July 2009

Last week Fadzilah, Kak Sabariah and Harnie came to my house to have their hands on lesson on cupcakes decoration. Miera who was supposed to join us, could not make it due to her health condition. This picture was taken at the end of the class where they posed with their first batch of cupcakes. Thanks to all of you and do practise ur new skill ..
Buttercream deco session, and i have to admit that they are all fast learners!

The participants were having the opportunity to practise on cake board first before they apply the deco on their cupcakes. The method is simple and you can learn at your own pace. :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Dear all,
I have received plenty of queries on kek lapis and cake deco class. These are the tentative dates before the coming fasting month. Classes are suitable for beginners. All classes will be conducted at 153, Jln 7/3A, Syeksen 7, Bandar Baru Bangi. Any query please sms/call 0132044141.

Date/Time Class

18 July 2009 (Saturday)
Fondant wedding cake class
Kelas menghias kek perkahwinan - fondant
2 - 6 pm

19 July 2009 (Sunday)
Sarawak Kek Lapis and Roll Class
Kelas Kek Lapis Sarawak dan Kek Lapis Rol
9am - 5 pm

26 July 2009 (Sunday)
Cupcake and novelty cake class
Kelas cupcake dan kek 'novelty'
9am - 5 pm

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Girlie Theme Fondant Cupcakes

Girlie Theme Fondant Cupcakes
hrmm..errr...iskkk...i cannot think of decent words to describe this order from Nana for her darling sister ETI on her 18th birthday. Fully fondant, girlie and sexy theme, ;) . I was having lots of fun (and laugh) especially doing the lips and the boobs..eheh.. The pink lips in particular if you notice, very much represents sexy Angelina Jolie lips.

The cupcake set was supposed to be picked up from my house on Saturday evening but due to unplanned event, she wanted the set on Friday evening. So, i have to rush and some of the design which i planned earlier could not be included in this set. However, i was glad that her sister luv the cupcake set.

Last but not least, credit goes to kak Jun from Cupcake kekasih, and Anor from My Cupcakes for some ideas were come from their previous works. Thank you Nana for your order...

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Birthday Cake & Cupcakes Class

Last two weeks i received a phone call from Puan Faizah asking for a clown birthday cake for his son's birthday, Nadim. Another new exciting task, so i said yes and trying new design is something challenging yet rewarding at the end of the task. As i browsed through few references, i found an interesting clown design by Wilton using fondant. Last Friday I baked about 2kg++ chocolate moist cake and when it comes to childrens birthday cake, i love to apply cheerful and bright colours as it suits the birthday event well. 930 at night, Puan Faizah came with her two boys (Nadim and his brother) to pick up the cake. They both love the cake so much that the brother wanted Nadim to split the cake into half as he want to bring the cake to his school. Well, i guess he just have to wait for his own birthday. Thanks Mom and Happy Birthday Nadim....

Last Saturday, i had a very special request from a friend's of friend (yeen's friendlah..hehe). Due to Sue hectic schedule as she mentioned in the phone, she couldn't attend my few classes before. Since she found out that she will be free that Saturday, she decided to take a private cupcake and wedding cake class. Not to disappoint her spirit to learn, i said ok and the class started at 930 a.m. She came all the way from Subang that morning and it was to my suprise to find out that Sue actually fly an, i was about to teach a pilot how to decorate cupcakes....interesting....And what more suprising (and frustrating) was half way during the class she got a call requesting her to fly to Kuching in two hours time. So, she had 4 more cupcakes and 1 wedding cake to decorate. half heartedly she finished her 6th cupcake deco and we have no choice but to end the class. Sue, till your next cake deco class, keep in touch and happy flying.... :)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Fruity Cuppies

Assalamualaikum. Last week i had this order from Kartini J who requested cupcake for makan-makan event. Half fresh cream and half buttercream topping. Luckily i had few strawberries in stock to compliment the fresh cream topping.
Assalamualaikum. Minggu lepas saya dapat tempahan dari Kartini J yang meminta kek cawan (cupcake) untuk makan-makan. Separuh krim segar dan separuh lagi krim mentega sebagai 'topping'. Kebetulan pula saya ada stok strawberi sebagai tambahan kepada 'topping' tersebut.

Few weeks ago i bought this stencil kits from wilton and i used Kartini order to experitment the kit. The apple design looks simple and nice. And after she picked up the cupcakes on Friday afternoon ( i wasn't at home at that time), i had this encouraging sms from Kartini (1st time customer particularly), ...Sis, the cuppies r super duper yummy..tQ... Thanks Tini, nx time bole order lagi..:) .
Beberapa minggu lepas saya telah membeli peralatan stensil wilton dan menggunakan tempahan Kartini sebagai percubaan terhadap alat tersebut. Rekaan epal nampak ringkas dan cantik. Selepas Kartini mengambil tempahan pada Tengahari Jumaat (saya tiada di rumah pada waktu itu), saya dapat sms dari Kartini (pelanggan pertama sebenarnya). Sis, the cuppies r super duper yummy..tQ... Terima kasih Tini, lain kali bole order lagi..:) .


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