Saturday, August 29, 2009

Graduation Theme Cupcakes

Extra large cupcake (4oz) for MMU Convocation 2009

Fully fondant Convocation theme Cupcake

Side order for Amirul Akram (Mixture of buttercream, fondant and edible image)
Assalamualaikum, first of all my apology for the delay of updating my blog. I think it was a norm during the fasting month, where the focus is not so much on surfing and blogging. These are a long overdue pictures of order from my neighbour, Kak Ngah for her friends who had recently graduated from MMU university. She ordered 40 of extra large cupcakes, fully fondant with graduation theme as a congratulation gift. She went to my house with her little brother, Amirul to place the order. To his excitement Amirul thought that her sister had ordered some cuppies for him as well. When he realised that her sister didn't spare any cuppies for him, thing went a little bit chaos at home. So, ended up Kak Ngah had to order another set especially for Amirul at the very last minute. So, moral of the story, never bring ur little sister/brother when u place ur cupcakes order unless u plan to spare some for them.... :)


Angel Suzy said...

Salam Ira, pat email ngan kamek sik cupcakes for graduation day. if mek tempah untuk 31 igek...21 untuk congrats, 10 untuk thanks... :|

Irabakery said...

salam ...boleh call/sms 0132044141 utk detail..tq suzy

Angel Suzy said...



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