Thursday, June 04, 2009

Wedding Cake

Selamat Pengantin Baru to sweet couple Hajar and Hilmi. Hajar is a friend of mine who had placed her order 3 months before the wedding date (30 May 2009). Luckily my hubby keep me reminded about Hajar's wedding date which unfortunately i couldn't attend since my two kids were having their taekwondo exam and my hubby were busy with his department sports tournament. For the hantaran event, she requested a maroon theme and i chose a simple design with dominant white colur to match the event, putih itu suci :) ..... For the wedding event, she requested for two tier cake and compliments with cupcakes maroon and white theme. Again, thank you Hajar and all the best ...(jgn cuti lama2...)

1 comment:

ajathajar said...

thank you very much kak shanti.
cantik and sedap sgt cake yg kak shanti buatkn utk hajar.
semua org puji cantik n tny siapa yg buatkan =D.
and the price is affordable too.
really appreciate all your hardwork.
thanks again =)


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