Monday, January 17, 2011

Fondant Castle Birthday Cake

Fondant Birthday Cake with Castle Theme

Pink and Blue Theme suits the Princess Castle Cake

Still my favourite is to deco a birthday cake, especially the one with a fairy theme. This chocolate cheese cake weigh almost 2.5kg, decorated with fondant was an exclusive order made by Datin Rozita for her lovely daughter Karen Elissa on her 9th birthday celebration. I was glad to know that Karen did enjoy having the cake as part of her birthday wish with her friends in Tunku Putra International School in Kuching recently...Thank you


✯Miz Purple Violet✯ said...

Hai kak ira..! Sy nak tanya stu soalan. Klu tempah cupcakes dri kak ira brp hri kak ira dpt siapkan?

Irabakery said...

biasa 3 hari...
jika ada edible image perlu 7 hari


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