Saturday, February 06, 2010

Cupcakes Class in Kuching

Participants for cupcake decoration class recently held in Kuching

Promises are hard to kept, but i will try my very best to fulfill your request. And God Willing, for those who have been requested for the next cake decoration class in Kuching, i will notify you soon . Last month i managed to spare my weekend to fly to Kuching for one night conducting cupcake decoration class. Some of the participants had waited since last Raya to attend the cupcake deco class. Having nine participants in the class, does not seem to be a big problem since all of them are very supportive and enthusiast to learn and practise the cake decoration skills...To Sharifah, Naz, Mira, Kak Hajah Sapura, Corina, Qarmila, Miera, Wani and Kak Dayang (did i miss any name?...)...thank you very much and hope to see you guys in Kuching...

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